Frequently asked questions

We have tried to cover the information included as best that we can.  If you are not clear on the answer you want we suggest that you call us and we will be happy to explain your question until you are satisfied that your question(s) have been answered.
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    What is the charge just to get my Domain Name?
    We charge $50 to secure your Domain Name. This secures your name for the period of 1 year. There is a $50 renewal charge yearly to maintain the name for your site. You can pay a three year charge which makes the name yours for three(3) years and provides a discounted rate versus paying only the yearly rate one year at a time.
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    How long does it take to get a web site on line?
    A brand new web site can be on the web for you in as little as one (1) day. Of course, you will most likely want to make changes and modify the site as time moves on. The changes you request take place immediately and can of course be changed again whenever you wish
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    Where are you located?
    Sue and I have been living and located in St. Petersburg, Florida since the day we were born.
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    What is the payment I would have to make up front?
    To secure a designed website including a Domain name, Domain Service and everything else needed can be accomplished for $50 for the domain name and $200 for initial design charges for a total of $250. This would require you to provide any pictures you want on the site as well as the text and placement's that you desire.
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    If my site is up and running and I desire to make changes to it what does that cost
    If the site is relatively new and the changes are minor we usually don't charge you for minor changes. If the changes are extensive or the site isn't freshly established the charge for the changes will be $40 per hour. We will be happy to discuss it with you and give you an accurate estimate.
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    Can I view my site on my cell phone?
    Of course, if you have a smart phone capable of using a web browser then yes. You can pay extra charges to have the site detect what type of browser is being used, computer or cell and have the site present itself based on the type of device being used to view it, this is also available but will involve extra charges.
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    What type of pictures could I provide for inclusion on my site
    .jpeg is what we prefer however we are able to convert other format's that will work on the web. If you have a photograph we can scan it to a .jpeg and use it on the web for you.
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    What type of Web development language do you use?
If you have more questions please contact us