The problem with buying a refrigerator that includes an ice maker today is that the ice maker is going to break.  You say I will get a repair contract.  That will cover the first time it breaks however the second time you will most likely pay for that one yourself.  It seems that the older ice makers are made of metal and an electric current is used to separate the ice and drop it once it is made.   Today's modern ice maker uses the twisting of plastic parts to separate and drop the ice once it is made.  The plastic parts crack and do not function with age.  

My wife and I want to buy an new fridge however we value our ice.  The only thing we can think of to plan for this is to buy a second ice maker and store it until it is needed.  Or go ahead and pay for a repair call and new part after the old one fails.  You are welcome to leave a comment below if you would like…..  


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