The price is right!

Websites pricing is complex, we charge a design charge that reflects the amount of time it takes to design the site.  These prices average $40 to $50 dollars per hour and rarely go over $400 total for the average four page site..  The level of complication ie: including forms, interactive functions like credit card processing and online stores can affect these amounts. .

Then there is your Domain Name ie: yourname@yourbusiness.com or .biz or .org etc.  Domain name pricing includes helping you research the names that are available and helping you find that perfect name.  Domain names cost $50 and sometimes more depending on the type of name you want.  Please feel free to call us at (727) 526-0279 and let us help check availability and provide the correct pricing for the name that you find desirable..  There are several domain suffix's available like: .club, .online, .top, .xyz, .link, site, .store, .website, .shop, .blog, .guru, .tech, .click, .news, .ninja, .cloud, .rewiews, .socia, .net, .org, and .com plus many others.  There are always newer ones being added. .Please note domain names are renewed yearly or you may purchase multi-year names at a discounted rate.

Our meetings

We are in the technology business.  We can meet in person of course however there are many other time saving ways like Phone, Skype, Teleconfrence  etc.  We often design the website while the client is in another location.Then they can simply use the refresh button on their browser to see the changes they request appear before their eyes.

Ordering Services

. Ordering services are as easy as picking up the phone.  We are available most all of the time.  We are ready and willing to assist you with the changes and updates to  your website when you need them..  One call does it all.  (727) 526-0279

Making Changes

Working with us is very easy.  We can make a change you ask for on your website that you can immediately view as long as,  you are in a place where you have access to a web browser that allows you to see the change, so that you can offer direction in what you are trying to achive. Things happen fast in business, and so you need the ability to make changes quickly so your website can reflect the very latest in products and services that you perform and/or offer.   You can even view your site on your Smart Phone.  Even if we are in another state or country at the time, we can make changes to your site that you and the public can see immediately.  This puts you right up in front of your competiton.